Moving, Storage, Relocation & Logistics
Moving, Storage, Relocation & Logistics

Your personal moving assistant at your fingertips

Keeping track of important dates and documents can be difficult during a move. With our free iPhone and iPad app, Move Pro, you can access all of your important move related details in one place, keeping your move organized.

This comprehensive move tool will allow you to manage both domestic and international moves, create QR codes that can be used as labels on your moving boxes, store photos of high-value items for insurance purposes and give you access to Hilldrup’s library of checklists, resources and how-to videos.

Move Pro offers you start-to-finish resources to help manage your move and stay organized, all at your fingertips — giving you time to focus on more important things, like the work to come, and not the work to get you there. The app is available for free in the App Store for both iPhones and iPads.

What can Move Pro help you do?

  • Manage multiple moves, both domestic and international
  • Use QR codes to create labels that let you (and only you) view what’s in each box
  • Know what’s in a box even if you don’t unpack it for months or even years
  • Store picture of high-value items for insurance purposes
  • Help you find your high-value or important items as soon as you arrive
  • Create move checklists that sync with your calendar (you can decide which tasks are important to you)
  • Send task requests and “We’ve Moved” notifications to anyone on your contact list
  • Track your shipments
  • Store important move related documents
  • Access your Hilldrup move counselor

Want to download Move Pro? Get it free on the App Store here.

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