Hilldrup Case Study: Legoland

Legoland helps kids’ imaginations soar, and there’s no doubt that Team Hilldrup used our own creativity to install many unique, colorful pieces

Legoland Hotel located in Florida is a fun attraction and lodging option for families.

Legoland helps kids’ imaginations soar, and there’s no doubt that Team Hilldrup used our own creativity to install many unique, colorful pieces to make the vision of Legoland Hotel a reality. Hilldrup Logistics’ team thought outside of the box to deliver a great product to our customer and ultimately their customers – Legoland fans and their families from all over the country, and the world! From pirate ship beds to treasure chest bedside tables, we were thrilled to be able to bring Legoland Hotel’s vision to life.


Legoland Hotel is the perfect hospitality destination for kids and families to enjoy. Located in central Florida, the hotel includes a brand new expansion tower spanning six stories with an endless amount of fun and design all inspired by LEGO. Hilldrup Logistics’ team got to work, beginning in December 2019, in order to help with installing the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) of the new six-story tower, which included its guest rooms, restaurant and bar areas. Hilldrup stayed on schedule to receive, deliver and install each unique item inspired by Legoland’s themes and designs, by the completion date of early April 2020.


As an asset-based company, Hilldrup only trusted the best professionals, warehouses and equipment to serve Legoland’s renovation project – our very own! From receiving and storage, to delivery and installation of FF&E, our team exclusively handled each detail of the logistics project, which included:

  • Project planning and management from a dedicated, on-site Hilldrup manager
  • Coordinating the shipment of items to our Hilldrup-owned facilities
  • Real-time, online inventory management and tracking of all shipments to ensure their safe and timely delivery to our facilities
  • Reporting of when shipments were expected, received and delivered by our team
  • Full delivery and installation services of all FF&E in guest rooms
    • Assembly and installation of 150 custom bunk beds
    • Hanging of sconces, light fixtures and drapery
    • Placing all mirrors and graphics properly and carefully in accordance with the on-site design team
    • Coordinating delivery and installation of various sized mattresses
    • Installing items reserved for Legoland Hotel’s restaurant, bar and patio area

“We chose the Hilldrup team specifically for this project because of their flexibility and proven history of success on other projects we have worked on with them,” explained Matthew Fleissner, Project Manager with Project Management Advisors, Inc, with whom Hilldrup worked with throughout the project. “Hilldrup was able to receive and store products from multiple vendors, prepare everything into a logical manner, and deliver to the site both when and where the project needed it.”


  • 6 story hotel
  • 4 month project
  • 6 phases of deliveries
  • 200,000 pounds of FF&E
  • 150 custom bunk beds
  • 300 light fixtures
  • 150 mirrors
  • 150 custom treasure chests
  • 150 king mattresses
  • 450 twin mattresses
  • 150 tables
  • 300 lounge chairs
  • 90 bar/restaurant tables
  • 220 bar/restaurant chairs
  • 86 pool lounge chairs
  • 28 side tables


The advantage of using the Hilldrup team means that our own assets, resources, attention to detail and world-class service were provided from start to finish. Hilldrup performed proactive reporting of items we received in our warehouse so that communications and future plans were clear for Legoland Hotel’s team and ours. This was critical since items were being shipped in from overseas which meant that any kind of delay had the potential to impact our timelines. Instead, by tracking, we could eliminate the chance of shipments being lost or delayed and avoid prolonged lead times.

“Hilldrup made sure the project was successful by keeping a constant line of communication with the project team and accommodating on the spot when needed,” explained Matthew Fleissner at the conclusion of the project. “If there were any issues, the team would document and present them, but also provide solutions on how to mitigate the problem – many times resolving it completely.”

Because Hilldrup is an asset-based company, our team is able to provide fast, more efficient communication because we rely only on our Hilldrup team members to get the job done right. By handling the delivery and install with our team, Hilldrup has the unique ability to create important synergies and allow flexibility for the customer. This allows us to be agile should there be any changes to the project timeline or schedule. Because Hilldrup’s service teams operate our warehouses, we can prepare the FF&E exactly how and when the delivery team and customer expects it. Our project managers are familiar with the product in each phase – from the moment the items are delivered to us, through when install day arrives. By receiving every product and managing each item through the project timeline, our project managers can ensure an easy install every time. Our facilities are never shared with another company or vendor – if it’s in our warehouse, it’s a Hilldrup project. Hilldrup is the name that the hospitality industry knows it can rely on because we own, operate and manage the assets and resources from beginning to end!

“I would work with Hilldrup again on future projects because I know the level of quality and thoroughness they’ll deliver, plus their ability to meet the project’s schedule. The on-site team makes sure to avoid unnecessary downtime, and the office team ensures there is a strategic plan in place to accomplish the job on time and within budget,” Matthew described further. “No project delivery goes 100% to plan, but having Hilldrup available as a partner and their willingness to do what it takes to accomplish the project goal is invaluable!”

Thank you to Matthew Fleissner and his team at Project Management Advisors, Inc. for their confidence in Hilldrup Logistics’ team and for providing feedback on our performance. On behalf of the Hilldrup organization, we’re grateful to Legoland Hotel for their vision to design such a unique, fun space for Lego fans of all ages to enjoy. We appreciate Legoland’s trust in our team to deliver an exceptional product for guests to lodge in and enjoy for years to come!


Contact the preferred partner of hotels and resorts, Hilldrup Logistics! We look forward to discussing your next project and the customized solutions we can offer you and your business.  

Legoland Hotel located in Florida is a fun attraction and lodging option for families.

Legoland Hotel, located in central Florida, is where kids’ imaginations truly come alive! Our team used our own imagination to help transform the interior of the hotel into a space where Lego fans and their families could relax and enjoy.

 Each room at Legoland is inspired by the brand itself.

From a knight’s castle to pirate ship adventures, the rooms within Legoland Hotel were inspired by the many themes of LEGO sets to truly bring the spirit of the brand to life! Our team assembled and installed 150 custom bunk beds as part of the logistics project.

A Legoland room inspired by pirate maps and treasure.

Hilldrup delivered 450 twin beds to Legoland Hotel’s guest rooms as well as 150 king mattresses – here was just one of the 150 rooms we helped to transform while the project was taking place.

A bunk bed inspired by pirates at Legoland Hotel.

Legoland Hotel’s unique, custom pieces were delivered and installed by Hilldrup over the course of four months to bring Legoland Hotel’s vision to life!

The exterior of Legoland Hotel in central Florida.

Not only was the interior of the hotel being transformed, the exterior was too – from a patio area to dining tables and chairs – our team delivered a variety of pieces for Legoland Hotel’s guests to enjoy.