Philanthropy, Planning & Paintball: Hilldrup’s 2024 All Sales Meeting

It was one for the books! Hilldrup’s 2024 All Sales Event included learning sessions, celebrating success and even paintball.

Team Hilldrup group photo from 2024 All Sales Meeting

Who says a sales meeting has to be constricted to an office environment? Team Hilldrup was in for a fun-filled two-day event in Fredericksburg, Virginia for our 2024 All Sales Meeting. This year’s event included a volunteer opportunity, welcoming a guest speaker, and even enjoying yoga, archery and paintball with our teams. We were excited to reunite with our sales professionals who span across our company’s footprint to celebrate our recent wins and plan for a prosperous year ahead.

Team Hilldrup kicked off our All Sales Meeting by assembling at the Courtyard by Marriott Fredericksburg Historic District in Downtown Fredericksburg where we loaded up to head to the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank for a volunteer event. Dressed in matching Hilldrup shirts with a “2024” on the back comprised of our team’s names – it was the perfect attire to show our teamwork and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on our clients and communities in 2024.

We worked together to pack 125 Hilldrup bags filled with food donations for those facing food insecurity in the local area. We donated the remaining bags to be used for distributing food via the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank’s mobile efforts. Hilldrup’s total donations of food equaled 1,056 lbs., the equivalent of 880 meals for individuals and families in our community! We’ve loved working with the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank’s Dominique Thomas, Volunteer Coordinator, for volunteer opportunities in the past and appreciate her for welcoming our 40+ volunteers!

Our next stop was The Lodge at Moss Neck, a 1,200-acre property that offers lodging as well as corporate events and retreat activities for its visitors. Here our teams were welcomed by Onie Girton, Senior Vice President, Sales and Client Services; Justin Mahon, Vice President, Workplace Solutions; Charlie McDaniel, Sr. Director, Logistics Services; and George Roth, Vice President, Residential Sales, to share what this year’s Sales Meeting had in store.

First up, we welcomed Paul Reilly as a guest speaker who spoke to us on value-added selling. Afterward, we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by and served at The Lodge before the afternoon’s activities, which would require us to be fueled and focused! Our professionals were invited to take part in yoga, archery or paintball as a way to either relax or show our competitive spirit. There was certainly lots of laughs and memories made as our teams enjoyed these activities – for many it was their first time giving these activities a try!

We wrapped up with closing remarks at The Lodge before heading back to the Marriott to rest and wash up ahead of the evening’s Best of the Best event. Hilldrup’s 6th annual Best of the Best event was held at 718 Venue in Downtown Fredericksburg. There, we toasted to our previous year’s success and the goals and vision we have for 2024. Justin Mahon and George Roth began with a heartful thank you to Onie Girton, who was recognized for putting together this year’s All Sales Meeting, which we agreed was the best Sales event that Hilldrup had hosted! Well done, Onie!

Next, our Sales Awards for 2023 were introduced by their respective business leader. Congratulations to the following sales professionals who were honored with their respective accolades:

  • Mike Sandell, Vice President, Business Development – Residential Sales’ Impact & Sales Excellence Award Winner
  • Jason Studer, Vice President, Client Development – Workplace Solutions’ Sales Excellence Award Winner
  • Nigel Kelly, Director, Workplace Solutions – Workplace Solutions’ Sales MVP Award Winner
  • Molly Vickery, Corporate & Workplace Solutions Sales Executive – National Account Sales Excellence Award Winner

Day two of our All Sales Meeting took place at our Corporate Headquarters where our teams broke out by their departments to discuss the trends, challenges and opportunities that will shape our year ahead. We’re thankful to everyone who participated to make these discussions insightful for our teams and their respective goals. Special thank you again to Onie Girton, our vendors and everyone who made our 2024 Sales Meeting so successful, educational and fun!

We’re motivated and excited for what this year brings and look forward to working together to support our clients wherever work or life is taking them next.

Tammy, Shauna and Scott of WeSolve at Hilldrup's 2024 All Sales Meeting

WeSolve’s (from left) Tammy Maestretti, Director of Supply Chain Management; Shauna Cook, Director, Business Development and Scott Snead, President, participated with Hilldrup’s Sales Team for our annual event in Fredericksburg, VA.

Employees volunteering during the 2024 All Sales Meeting

Thanks to our team’s generosity, we donated and packed 1,056 lbs. of food with the Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank, which equated to 880 meals for those in need across the local community!

Employees during the 2024 All Sales Meeting

Our team also got down to business to discuss industry trends and work on sales exercises to prepare us to exceed our goals for 2024! We were excited to enjoy the hospitality of The Lodge at Moss Neck and their beautiful amenities.

Team Hilldrup preparing for paintball during our 2024 All Sales Meeting

Hilldrup employees enjoying paintball.

We all loved the chance to have some friendly competition! Our teams enjoyed paintball for team building and fun.

Employees enjoying archery during the 2024 All Sales Meeting event.

Archery was another popular activity for our teams to enjoy, in addition to yoga, during our time on-site at The Lodge at Moss Neck.

Jason, Nigel and Molly during the 2023 Best of the Best Awards dinner.

Congratulations to our Sales Award Winners who were honored as part of our 2024 Sales Meeting and 6th Annual Best of the Best Awards in Fredericksburg, VA. From left: Jason Studer, Vice President Client Development & Workplace Solutions’ Sales Excellence Award Winner; Nigel Kelly, Director, Workplace Solutions & Workplace Solutions’ Sales MVP Award Winner; Molly Vickery, Corporate & Workplace Solutions Sales Executive & National Account Sales Excellence Award Winner; and (not pictured) Mike Sandell, Vice President Business Development & Residential Sales’ Impact & Sales Excellence Award Winner.