Workplace Design: Advantages of a Bullpen Office Layout

If your business needs open floorplan collaboration and office furniture with flexible reconfiguration options, discover the advantages of the bullpen office!

Long office with with multiple laptops

You’ve probably seen a bullpen office before. Whether in a TV show, on a tour of a modern newsroom or maybe even your own office, the concept is likely familiar. Yet, many people may not know that these open layouts are called a bullpen or where that name came from.

What is a bullpen office?

The term bullpen is thought to originate from the area in baseball where pitchers practice before entering the game. These pens tend to be open spaces and often pitchers line up right next to each other while throwing. All of this is to say that a bullpen office takes that idea and adapts it to the workplace. Employees typically sit at long desks without dividers with computers just a few feet apart. This is different from a cubicle or private office layout in that everyone can see and hear their teammates during the work day.

What are the advantages of a bullpen office layout?

Generally, bullpen office layouts are used at companies or organizations where teamwork and fast communication is paramount. Some people view bullpen offices as chaotic and distracting, but that’s not the case when they are thoughtfully designed.

With work-from-home and hybridized schedules becoming the norm, collaboration is even more important when employees are in the office. A bullpen layout makes that goal attainable. Employees no longer have to worry about walking over to a coworker’s cubicle to discuss a project. The exchange of information and ideas can be seamless.

Bullpen offices also foster an atmosphere of transparency. More communication happens out in the open, and supervisors and bosses can check in on workers without making them feel singled out or ostracized.

Additional benefits to a bullpen workspace include:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency by allowing employees to sit together and discuss ideas
  • Newer employees feel less alone and more attuned to the office culture
  • Coworkers can more easily share supplies, screens and other useful materials
  • Experienced employees can more readily mentor others and share knowledge
  • Bosses and supervisors can monitor employees without making them feel pressured
  • A livelier and fun atmosphere which fuels better work and happier employees

Bullpen installation advantages

If you’re tired of installing heavy cubicle walls and all that entails, then making the switch to a simplified bullpen could be the answer. Because of their compactness, bullpen desks actually help to open up an office and give employees space to move around. You may also find that your office is getting more natural light after introducing a bullpen layout.

Here are some more noteworthy advantages:

  • A bullpen desk arrangement is easier to install than cubicles due to the lack of walls or dividers
  • Bullpen desks are often flat and straight, making them easier to clean and maintain
  • These desks can be rearranged into an almost endless number of formations
  • Because of their simplicity, bullpen desks can be lighter than traditional desks
  • The simple layout makes it easier to install equipment such as routers, phones and computers


A bullpen design gives you the opportunity to update your office to be more open and collaborative. Especially for workers who may be resistant to returning to the office, a new layout can be a source of excitement to help with the transition. Ultimately, a bullpen design supports a key driver for getting people back to the office: having everyone together in person, working side by side – something that can’t be fully replicated via a video chat.

While every workplace has different needs and wants, Hilldrup can make figuring it out a breeze. Whether you decided that a bullpen layout is the perfect fit for your office or elect to go with another style, we offer workplace design and office furniture installation services. This runs the gamut from installations to reconfigurations to breakdowns. Visit our website and reach out to get started.