Top 4 Reasons to Reconfigure Your Office Furniture

Simple adjustments to your workplace, like reconfiguring your furniture, can make a big difference in ergonomics, productivity and company growth.

open office lobby

Your office may be in need of some rearranging or sprucing up. But why?

Simply reconfiguring your office furniture can improve workplace ergonomics, productivity and collaboration—all while solving space issues and giving your workspace a fresh new look. Whether you’re installing new furniture, repurposing or decommissioning old furniture to give your office a fresh look, these simple adjustments to workplace design can do wonders for your organization.

Improve Workplace Ergonomics

Ergonomics is at the heart of the issue. Defined as the design and arrangement of a workplace that enhances comfortability, safety and efficiency, ergonomics is all about creating an environment that is conducive to working and living. Health benefits include improving posture, decreasing pain, strengthening muscles and increasing blood flow. When your employees feel their best, they can produce their best work.

So, how can you maximize ergonomics? Simple reconfigurations can make a big difference in productivity and overall wellbeing, such as:

  • adjusting the height of chairs,
  • adding accessories like footrests and monitor arms,
  • providing proper lighting,
  • swapping out traditional chairs for ergonomic ones or
  • offering flexible workspaces like adjustable standing desks.

In fact, research has shown that effective and successful workplace ergonomics programs reduce the number of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) by 61% and staff turnover by 87%.

Increase Employee Productivity

The way you organize your office can hinder or enhance employee productivity. For example, an open layout encourages collaboration, whereas individual cubicles or offices create quiet spaces for independent work. The proximity to coworkers also plays a role in accessing shared tools and resources.

Think about what office layout is best for the type of work your employees do on a daily basis and how much teamwork is required. Offices are not designed to be one-size-fits-all, which means you can customize and offer a mix of spaces that allow for collaborative and private time.

Beyond layout, workplace design choices also play an important role. Revamping the walls, ceiling and lighting, as well as adding greenery and art, can be effective in promoting positive mental health and creating a workspace where people feel energized when they’re in the office. Productivity doesn’t have to take a hit while you make these enhancements, so long as the process is well-communicated and organized.

Accommodate Company Growth

As your company grows, so will your needs for your space. Reconfiguring office furniture can help accommodate changes by making more efficient use of space or adding more flexible workstations. You may be hiring more employees or need more tools and resources, so it’s important to look at how your current office setup is prepared to handle those additions.

While it’s not possible to plan for everything, it’s always a good idea to plan for growth and invest in flexible office assets. For example, you may want to look at the benefits of “casegoods” or freestanding furniture versus “modular” furniture. Instead of immediately upgrading your real estate footprint, office furniture can be an affordable first step in maximizing your current office space.

Refresh the Workspace

colorful office lobby

Sometimes, your office just needs a little makeover. Reconfiguring and revamping the furniture can give the space a new look and feel and create a welcoming environment for all employees. Keeping the workplace design fresh plays an important role in employee morale and productivity. For example, certain colors, as well as the implementation of natural light, are psychologically proven to impact employee satisfaction, stress levels and productivity.

You don’t always have to throw out the old and bring in the new, simple touches like incorporating new colors or textures or creating new seating arrangements that encourage socializing and interaction are attainable steps in building a positive workplace.

Workplace Solutions from Design and Installation to Reconfiguration

Workplace solutions can range from big to small changes—but no matter the scale, updates like furniture reconfiguration can go a long way in improving employee wellbeing and productivity. From employee ergonomics and health benefits to maximizing your space, there are more than a few reasons why your furniture choices and overall workplace design is key to your business.

Consult with a professional or consider making some of these small adjustments to make an immediate impact. Hilldrup can be your trusted partner throughout the design process and can help ensure that every square foot of your space is functional, inviting and professional. Learn more about our services and contact us today!