The High Value Inventory Form is used to identify items in your shipment which are of extraordinary value. It is extremely important for every household goods shipment to have a properly completed High Value Inventory Form. Shipments moving with a released rate liability of $.60 cents per pound per article are excluded from this high value inventory provision.

What is an item of extraordinary value?

Items with a value greater than $100.00 per pound are considered items of extraordinary value. Some examples include antiques, fine china, artwork, and collectible figurines.

What is the procedure for moving articles of extraordinary value?

It is your responsibility to list each item or each set of high value items on the form and provide a very detailed description, excluding cost as the High Value Inventory Form does not serve as proof of value.

If you choose not to declare any high value items, please write “none” on the High-Value Inventory Form and sign it at both origin and destination.

If you are doing your own packing, any cartons containing high value items must be left unsealed. On moving day your Van Operator will verify their condition and seal the boxes in your presence.

Present your completed High Value Inventory Form to the lead packer. The packing crew will carefully pack the high value items into cartons and list them on the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory. You and your Van Operator will sign the High Value Inventory Form at origin.

On delivery day your Van Operator will present all high value inventory items to you and request you verify delivery of the items by signing the form at destination.

How are claims for items of extraordinary value settled?

In the unlikely event you experience damage or missing items, any claim settlement is limited to a maximum of the value of the article, but not exceeding the valuation declared for your entire shipment.

If items of extraordinary value are included in your shipment and omitted from the High Value Inventory Form, the carrier’s liability for the loss or damage is limited to $100.00 per pound per article. Verification of ownership and proof of value is required prior to the settlement of a claim.

Download a Sample Inventory Control High Value Inventory Control Form