General suggestions and requirements

A High Value Inventory Form will be given to you at origin. This form should be used to declare items deemed to be of extraordinary value. The High Value Inventory Form should be presented to the lead packer on packing day. If no packing is done, present the High Value Inventory Form to the Van Operator. If items declared as high value are packed by you, the carton(s) must be left open for inspection by the Van Operator.

It is your responsibility to remove all permanent fixtures (items bolted or fastened) such as light fixtures, ceiling fans, mounted TVs and curtain rods.

To protect your belongings, drain all lawn mowers, grills, and other applicable machinery of gasoline and oil. Propane tanks cannot be transported.

Refrigerators and freezers must be defrosted prior to loading on the van. You should allow the unit(s) at least 12-24 hours to dry before moving. All frozen items are to be removed. To avoid any unpleasant odor in the unit(s), we recommend placing a stocking filled with charcoal or fresh coffee grounds in each compartment.

Back up all software and documents on your personal computer or laptop; carry the originals with you. Remove all USB drives and CDs from drives prior to loading. Consult your owner’s manual for additional shipping instructions.


If you are doing your own packing, make sure you allow yourself enough time to have everything finished before your load date. If Hilldrup is doing your packing, do a final check to determine that everything has been packed before packers leave your residence. Also verify that all items to be transported have been included and their condition properly noted.


If you use a landline, please leave your telephone connected until the day after loading so that you can reach us if needed. Be sure to give your Van Operator directions to your new home as well as your new telephone contact numbers. Accompany the Van Operator throughout your home as he or she inventories your belongings and their condition. You will be required to sign the inventories stating that all items to be transported have been included and that their condition is properly noted. Please remain at your residence until everything has been loaded. Be sure to take a final walk-through to ensure that nothing has been left behind.


Please notify your Move Coordinator three days prior to delivery to schedule unpacking. Unpacking consists of removing your belongings from cartons and placing items on flat surfaces. Items will not be placed in cabinets or closets. All unpacked cartons and packing materials will be removed from your residence.

Upon delivery, your Van Operator will present you with either an Inventory Control Form or a FastTrack enabled tablet to check off each of your items as they are delivered. If there are any damaged or missing items, note them at this time. If you waive the right to check off items that are delivered to your home, any claim for missing items may be denied.

If your shipment is going into the warehouse of a United Van Lines agent, please contact your Move Coordinator at least 10 working days in advance of the day you want delivery out of storage.

If your shipment is going into a warehouse other than that of a United Van Line agent, you will need to be present during delivery. In addition, you will be responsible for checking your shipment for loss or damage. If any loss or damage is noted, it must be reported to the Van Operator and recorded on the Household Goods Inventory. Once the Van Operator leaves the delivery, United Van Lines’ liability ceases. United Van Lines will not be responsible for items moved by the customer at a future date.

After everything has been delivered, call your Move Coordinator at Hilldrup right away to report any missing or damaged items.