Understanding Your Household Goods Inventory

Before your household goods are loaded, the Van Operator will complete a Household Goods Descriptive Inventory with either a Household Goods Inventory form or on a FLEX enabled tablet. This Inventory will consist of cartons with a list of the contents and loose items with a brief description of their condition prior to leaving the home. Each item will have a unique inventory number that will correspond with your personalized inventory. After loading is complete, you will review inventory with the Van Operator. Finally, the van operator will either email you a copy of the inventory if he is using FLEX or give you physical copy if the inventory is handwritten.

When your household goods deliver, you will be presented with either an Inventory Control Form or a FLEX enabled tablet. Both will allow you to keep track of the items being delivered to your home.

Please do not waive your right to check off these items. By checking off items as they enter your home, both you and the driver will be able to quickly identify items that are missing. If missing items are noted, the Van Operator will immediately search for the item in their van or your home. If the items do not turn up in the search, you should report this to your Move Counselor right away.

What is an Inventory Control Form or FLEX?

The Inventory Control Form, commonly referred to as a Bingo Sheet, is a one-page checklist provided to you by the Van Operator. This form enables you to check off each inventory number as your Van Operator is delivering your belongings, and will assist you in identifying and documenting any missing items or items being delivered without an inventory number.

The FLEX inventory system is a tablet based system that allows you to simply tap the screen indicating which items have been received. Once an item has been delivered, selecting it again will allow you to enter an exception or note any damage to the item.

Your Van Operator should allow you sufficient time during delivery to inspect your household goods and note any exceptions. If you have any questions or concerns during this process, your Move Counselor will be available to assist you.

What happens if I do not check my shipment off at destination?

It is your responsibility to check off your items upon delivery and to make the necessary notations, indicating new damage, missing items or items received without inventory tags.

If for some reason you are unable to check your shipment off as it delivers, you will be required to check the box on the form or application which states, “I waive the right to check off this Inventory Control Form”; your signature will also be required. Please be aware if you waive your right to check off your shipment, any claim for missing items may be denied.

Download a Sample Inventory Control Form/Bingo Sheet