Moving, Storage, Relocation & Logistics
Moving, Storage, Relocation & Logistics

Summer Opportunities Hilldrup Offers

As we enter our 2019 peak season, Hilldrup is seeking reliable, customer service-focused team members who thrive by putting in a hard day's work to ensure that Hilldrup fulfills its vision of being the best moving services company, period! Peak season assignments also allow individuals to earn extra money for college, travel and other personal needs!

Move and Warehouse Associates

Peak season associates will become members of a team of moving experts who focus on wrapping, packaging, packing, transporting, unpacking and/or storing our customers’ belongings. As Hilldrup representatives who interact directly with our customers, peak season move and warehouse associates will receive top notch training, focusing on exceptional customer service delivery and the mechanics of ensuring a safe, effective and efficient customer experience.

Summer Interns

Hilldrup is committed to assisting college students make connections between theory and practice and to better understand how college coursework will be utilized in the workplace. We also want to assist college students make more informed decisions about their career choices. As such, we offer paid internship opportunities for currently enrolled college students that will allow students to apply college coursework, skills and college experience to real-life work experiences. Examples of work assignments for interns include: managing/leading projects, conducting industry or departmental research, organizing company events/programs and studying processes to make recommendations for increased efficiencies. Students may seek credit for these opportunities, based on their respective college/university internship guidelines.

Summer Associates

During our peak season--when we engage with record numbers of customers--, the work levels of all of our departments increase. To effectively manage the work level increases, Hilldrup hires summer associates to work in our corporate office and in our branch offices, assisting with administrative and operational tasks.  Summer associates will have opportunities to contribute to Hilldrup’s overall effectiveness during peak season; to better understand how Hilldrup operates, to gain experience working in an office environment (as well as earn extra money!). Summer associate opportunities are not structured as college credit-based opportunities. Students who wish to seek credit for summer associate opportunities should consult with their college/university’s internship office.

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