Want to Make A Move? Drive For Hilldrup!

Driving for Hilldrup is unlike driving for any other moving and storage company in the industry!

There’s no doubt that Hilldrup’s Van Operators are the heart of our organization and that we take care of these professionals – both on and off the road! We’re proud to support those who do so much for our customers and organization every day, and we’re proud to promote a culture of recognition for their continued success and top standing among our competitors.

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Our driver, Fred, in front of our Hilldrup tractor trailer

Hilldrup’s Differentiating Values for Van Operators

We’re values-driven and driver-focused!  Our values ensure that we are an employer of choice among Van Operators in our industry, and our focus on solid driver partnerships allows for our Van Operators to have longevity in their careers with Hilldrup and help to simplify their lives as well.


  • Hilldrup’s support of our Van Operators goes well beyond what is commonly provided in the industry. Everyone at Hilldrup – from our Senior Management team on down – understands that our Van Operators are the backbone of our organization and deserve the highest levels of recognition and support for all that they do! Hilldrup is pleased to have our own full-time Driver Advocate to address the needs of those who drive for us. Dispatch support for our drivers is also provided seven days a week.


  • Steady and consistent work is what we offer our Van Operators—something that our competitors struggle to offer.   Our Van Operators are busy with move assignments throughout the year – not just during peak season. Hilldrup is the largest booker in the UniGroup system and the third largest hauler out of over 200 household goods agents. Packing and hauling opportunities are also available.


  • Hilldrup offers an on-site garage/shop at our Corporate Headquarters for minor repairs and maintenance. We’re also proud to reveal one of the newest additions to our Corporate Headquarters – a Driver’s Lounge where Van Operators can relax, sleep in a full-size bed, and even do laundry.


  • Extended time away from friends and family is a major struggle for drivers. At Hilldrup, Van Operators can live anywhere and will always be supported by our team; in fact, dispatch support is available seven days a week.
Hilldrup's Driver's Lounge located at our Corporate Headquarters

Driving for Hilldrup means:

Unique Perks Offered to Our Van Operators

Hilldrup offers a variety of special perks that are unique to the industry. They include:

  • A newly renovated Driver’s Lounge at our Corporate Headquarters which includes:
    • Laundry room with a washer, dryer and designated area for folding and organizing
    • Areas for entertainment and relaxation, including TVs/gaming systems, recliners, sound-proof computer rooms and a pool table
    • A kitchen/dining area with all new furniture and appliances
    • Three soundproof rooms for napping or overnight stays, with two full-size beds in each room
    • Showers
    • Washers/Dryers
    • An on-site fitness center for cardio and strength training/work-outs;
  • Invitations to annual company events, including our Christmas party, crab feast, peak season BBQ and of course, Van Operator Appreciation Week
  • A dedicated Driver Advocate who is committed to the retention, advancement and continuing education of Van Operators. Hilldrup’s Driver Advocate ensures that all Van Operator qualifications are met, orients Van Operators to Hilldrup and United/Mayflower policies, answers tax questions and has an understanding of Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and safety requirements. This role is specifically in place to ensure that our Van Operators are set up for success and reach – if not exceed – their quality goals!
Our driver, Pete, in front of his truck

Who Drives For Hilldrup

Hilldrup’s Van Operators are truly the best in the industry. Want proof? Learn about our award-winning drivers below:

Oluwaseun Osinowo

William Poole

Johnny Abbott

Robert Fitzgerald

Mike Ingram

Jeffrey McCall

Dallas Brown

Eric Galioto

Dennis Putnam, Jr.