Moving, Storage, Relocation & Logistics
Moving, Storage, Relocation & Logistics

Hilldrup Takes Storage and Warehousing to the Next Level

Whether you’re a business owner with a renovation vision for your client or a homeowner simply looking for white glove receiving, storage and delivery services for your new furnishings – Hilldrup can help! We offer Receiving and Delivery (RAD) services for businesses, interior designers and households of all sizes. A trusted name for over a century, Hilldrup believes in providing proactive solutions for our clients at every turn, ensuring that every project is a success.

Hilldrup’s RAD services will help make your project vision a reality thanks to our offerings such as long-term storage, short-term storage, furniture storage and delivery, and white glove home delivery. Learn more below about why RAD is the flexible solution you’ve been looking for!

Receiving Services

We begin by completing a thorough unpacking and inspection of the items, both household and commercial, led by our expert receiving team. At Hilldrup, we treat our clients’ items as if they were our own. Our professionals’ attention to detail ensures that each item is inspected and received with the highest level of care. Should any imperfections be found by our team, Hilldrup will promptly communicate any concerns to you and facilitate a timely solution.

Storage Services

Looking to store a large order of furniture long-term for your clients? Or maybe just a few valuables needing short-term storage before installing them in your home? Whatever your storage needs look like, Hilldrup has the solution. We provide our clients with over 1.25 million square feet of secure storage across our locations. In addition, we offer 250,000 square feet of vaulted, temperature and humidity-controlled storage space to house those extra delicate items. You can be confident that no matter how large or small, modern or antique an item may be, with Hilldrup every item is in the best care. Care to see for yourself? A comprehensive inventory, including photos of the items, can be provided upon request.

Delivery Services

Our clients want each piece of furniture, whether in an office or home, to arrive safely and timely in its new space. With Hilldrup, it’s guaranteed. As a white glove delivery company, Hilldrup’s clients can be confident that the items we deliver are treated with the utmost care as they’re being delivered to your residence or business. Timely, professional services are what Hilldrup offers with a personalized touch to ensure that your specific vision becomes a reality.

RAD Cost Calculator

Create your own estimate by downloading our easy to use cost calculator. This Excel spreadsheet will provide you with an initial quote based on the items you are having shipped, whether or not you will need a receiving inspection and how long you will need us to hold them for. Download here to get started.

Hilldrup offers Receiving and Delivery Services in the following areas:



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